New Generation Armoured Vehicle Seating

MG Seating Systems Pvt. Ltd. is synonymous to Developing and Marketing PRODUCTS and TECHNOLOGY of prime International Quality in the
Seating business with very high ethical values.

While PRODUCT LEADERSHIP is our Mantra and TRANSITION is main Objective.

We offer DIFFERENTIATING (5xImprovements: Safety, Comfort, Fit & Finish, Material and Reliability) and BEST-IN-CLASS Seating Systems Solutions for Armoured Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Off-road and Tractor segments.

We also do Consulting assignments, Offset manufacturing and Distributorships.

We value and respect our Employee, Customers, Partners, Environments and believe in collaborative approach for a WIN-WIN scenario.


Meeting with Our Korean Partner (10th June 2019)


Offering a Seating Solutions inbuilt with Safety and Comfort.


To be a globally competitive and preferred Supplier for Armoured Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Off-road and Tractor Seating Systems.

Our Values

  • Safety and Comfort inbuilt in each product we supply.
  • Quality in everything we do.
  • A motivated team where members trust and respect each other.
  • Recognition for sustained superior performance.
  • Honesty and Integrity.
  • Flexibility and discipline in action.
  • Bring Transition in Grey areas.
  • Rational and Platform based Seating solutions for optimum values.
  • Practical care for our Environment.

Differentiating Start-up

This is a truly….”A Differentiating START-UP”….in the Product and Technology Development field….focus is on Transition….working in Collaborative Approach….to enrich the Society.

Collaborative & Associative Model

MG Seating also support Companies aspiring future Business Growth in Indian and sub-continent markets on EXTENDED Partner concept. This model helps partner company to convert their Grey areas into Strengths. We provide all necessary support including Marketing and Manufacturing for long term Business scaling and sustaining.


Reasons for Customers:

  1. Very wide range of MAKE-IN-INDIA Armoured Vehicle Seating Products.
  2. Add-on products from the basket of Global Associates.
  3. CAD & Engineering support for Seat integration with Vehicle for optimised results.
  4. We leverage our:
    • Experience,
    • Dedicated Team,
    • In-depth Product Knowledge,
    • We keep adding and upgrading our Products,
    • Testing & Validation support,
    • Customised Service & Solutions,
    • Flexibility,


Reasons for Associates:

  1. We leverage our:
    • Excellent Customer Relations/Contacts,
    • Strong Market Knowledge,
    • Strong Competitors Knowledge,
    • Market Data,
    • Program/ Business winning Strategy,
    • Common goal
  2. We believe in Collaborative/ Partnering Approach.
  3. To manage your Product Portfolio in Indian market.
  4. For offset manufacturing.
  5. We ensure Business win with scientific approach.
  6. To convert your Grey Areas to your Strengths.
  7. Honesty and Integrity.

One stop solution

It is Promotor’s guarantee that MG Seating will prove One Stop Solutions for all your Business Needs. Please refer our services menu. We are flexible to accommodate your add-on needs, package the solutions and work in collaborative ways for WIN-WIN scenario.


We take Distributorships of highly reputed International companies and supply the products in Indian and sub-continent markets.

Our Product, Market, Competitions and Pricing knowledge are very handy in reaching out customers same time thanks to customers who trust and believe us due to our past and present Credentials.

Promotor (Gopal Prasad Sah), a seasoned professional, has over 2 decades of Global experience in Seating Engineering and Business Development Domain.


HARITA Seating (TVS Group)
– Vice President (Engg.).

MAGNA Seating, Exterior & Interior
– Business Unit Manager.

Krishna Maruti Ltd. Seat Division
– Head (R&D).

MothersonSumi Infotech & Design
– Dy.GM (Projects)

Bharat Seats Ltd.
– Head Design.


Total Professional Experience: 25 yrs

Seating System Experience: 16 Yrs

10 Yrs+ : Passenger Car + SUV Seats

6 Yrs: Bus, CV and Off-Road – Tractor Seats


– Industry Experience
– Projects Handle
– Business Won

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